Florida State University (Florida State or FSU) is an open space-award and ocean award examine college in Tallahassee, Florida. It is a senior individual from the State University System of Florida. Established in 1851, it is situated on the most seasoned persistent site of advanced education in the territory of Florida.

The College Town District is an up and coming area situated on the far side of Gaines Street, which is ideal for college students to live. This area is plush with restaurants, shops, and apartments right on the edge of The Florida State University campus. Especially on game days, College Town invites locals and students to experience the lively urban district of Downtown Tallahassee.

Just off Gaines Street, the All Saints District has become the most happening place to be in Tallahassee. With delicious food trucks, pubs, art galleries, and creativity everywhere you turn, it's no surprise the All Saints District has become what it is today, a place where people of all ages get to enjoy unique and fun experiences.